Sulphur mountain run this saturday July 8th

Tomorrow both the boys and girls teams are meeting at Buena High School Circle Parking Lot at 7 am to car pool to Sulphur Mountain Rd. We will be running out and back on the trail. Parents are welcome to join us – bike, run, or walk.

Thank you to everyone that helped at the 4th of July 5k /10k race. Our boys and girls teams earned $1200 that morning :). Many of the competitors complimented our team on their hard work, cheering, and helpfulness. Awesome! I take great pride that our team is so well liked and respected by our community members!

We have 2 more Boogie Nights 5K races- Wed July 12 and Wed July 19th.

Buena Track & Field Action Shots

Buena Track Action Shots are available for viewing and purchase – with all proceeds going to the Buena Track Team.
Size are 4X6 $5, 5X7 $10 and 8X10 $15

You can view the photos here:

If you see any that you would like to order, just email me photo number and size that you want printed to Chad Denning ( ).

Buena @ Dos Pueblos – League Meet #1

Tomorrow (Weds. March 8th, 2017) is our first league meet of the track & field season. Here are the details including meet time and order of events:


Buena vs Dos Pueblos Track Meet Information March 8, 2017

Where: Dos Pueblos High School, Goleta, Hwy 101, exit Glen Annie Rd.,

Project Time: 12:45 pm     Bus Time: 1:00 p.m.           Meet Time: 3:00 pm            Return:  9:00 pm

We will do a team warm-up.  The 4 x 100 relay should warm-up together passing the baton. This is also the time to find the start / finish line for your event, exchange zones, LJ /TJ / HJ pits, throw areas, etc. After the team warm-up – jumpers need to check their marks.

If you are not competing, you are expected to dress as if you are racing and take times / splits or help the coaches.

What to Bring: Uniform, Shoes- Training shoes and spikes, Sweatshirt / pants, Socks, Filled Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Healthy Snacks / Drinks, Sweatshirt, Sweats, cheering voice J . There will be a snack bar available-  but beware of what you eat everyone is expected to be ready to run on a 4 x 400m team . Eating / drinking too much is not an excuse.

Channel League – Running  Events Order  Field Events Order
Time TRACK EVENTS Begins at start of meet
3:00 1 Girls JV 400 Meter Relay
2 Boys JV 400 Meter Relay Shot Put:
3 Girls Varsity 400 Meter Relay Girls JV then Var
4 Boys Varsity 400 Meter Relay Boys JV then Var
5 Girls JV 1600 Meters
6 Boys JV 1600 Meters Discus:
7 Girls Varsity 1600 Meters Boys JV then Var
8 Boys Varsity 1600 Meters Girls JV then Var
9 Girls JV 100 Meter Hurdles (33″)
10 Girls Varsity 100 Meters Hurdles (33″) High Jump: Opening Ht TBA
11 Boys JV 110 Meter Hurdles (36″) GJV, GV, BJV, BV
12 Boys Varsity 110 Meter Hurdles (39″)
13 Girls JV 400 Meters Long Jump: Open Pits
14 Boys JV 400 Meters
15 Girls Varsity 400 Meters Triple Jump: Begins after LJ
16 Boys Varsity 400 Meters
17 Girls JV 100 Meters Pole Vault: Opening Height TBA
18 Boys JV 100 Meters GJV, GV, BJV & BV
19 Girls Varsity 100 Meters
20 Boys Varsity 100 Meters
21 Girls JV 800 Meters
22 Boys JV 800 Meters
23 Girls Varsity 800 Meters
24 Boys Varsity 800 Meters
25 Girls JV 300 Meter Low Hurdles (30″)
26 Girls Varsity 300 Meter Low Hurdles (30″)
27 Boys JV 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles (36″)
28 Boys Varsity 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles (36″)
29 Girls JV 200 Meters
30 Boys JV 200 Meters
31 Girls Varsity 200 Meters
32 Boys Varsity 200 Meters
33 Girls JV 3200 Meters
34 Boys JV 3200 Meters
35 Girls Varsity 3200 Meters
36 Boys Varsity 3200 Meters
37 Girls JV 1600 Meter Relay
38 Boys JV 1600 Meter Relay
39 Girls Varsity 1600 Meter Relay
40 Boys Varsity 1600 Meter Relay