41st Annual Ventura County Championships Meet & Course Info

Here is some info for the County Championship meet this Friday – bus info will be sent out soon:

Meet Flyer:

Date: Friday Oct 28, 2016, 1:30 p.m. first race

Place: Lake Casitas, Ojai, California

Honest Effort: This was discussed and decided upon at the county meeting- that athletes competing at the county meet should give an honest effort in their racing.

Scoring: Based on one single race in each division.

  • Runners may move up in a division, but not down. Juniors and seniors, not on varsity, must run JV. A freshman may run in a sophomore or JV team to fill out those teams.
  • A maximum of 8 may run in the girls F.S. The remainder must run JV.
  • A team must score in the Varsity to score in the JV race! A team which scores in the JV race, but not in the Varsity, will forfeit the JV score!
  • 3 Divisions: Div 1, 2, 3 based on CBEDS (not CIF divisions)

Schedule:     Time               Medals           Plaques – D1           Plaques – D2           Plaques – D3

JV Boys         1:30 p.m.        1-40                1st – 3rd                       1st – 3rd                        1st – 3rd

JV Girls          2:05 p.m.        1-40                1st – 3rd                       1st – 3rd                        1st – 3rd

Frosh Boys    2:40 p.m.        1-60                1st – 3rd                       1st – 3rd                        1st – 3rd

FS Girls          3:15 p.m.        1-60                1st – 3rd                       1st – 3rd                        1st – 3rd

Soph Boys     3:50 p.m.        1-60                1st – 3rd                       1st – 3rd                        1st – 3rd

Varsity Girls   4:25 p.m.        1-70                1st – 3rd                       1st – 3rd                        1st – 3rd

Varsity Boys  5:00 p.m.        1-70                1st – 3rd                       1st – 3rd                        1st – 3rd

Just a few reminders:

Last Bus/ Cars in/out:       12:30 pm, after this time drop off before the gate or plan to stay in until after the meet

Worker Pass: Unless your school is transporting athletes by vans, each school will be allotted a maximum of 4 passes. The ranger station will have a list of participating county schools and check off the passes as they are used. NO PASSES WILL BE MAILED OUT.

F/S Girls Race:        Max of 8 entrants per school

 Must score in the Varsity race to receive JV level awards

All County Teams: To automatically qualify for the All County Team a runner must finish in the top 24, in a varsity race!

1st Team 1-8th, 2nd Team 9th – 15th, and 3rd Team 16th – 24th.

Any questions contact:    Michele Burns at Buena High School by email at michele.burns@venturausd.org or runmicki@yahoo.com

At Lake Casitas it is important to observe the rules

NO Swimming, NO Bicycles, NO Pets

Parking is $10.00 for private Vehicles

Tentative Course Map Flyover:

Volunteer Update for League Meet #2

If you are planning on volunteering Thursday @ Lake Casitas for league meet #2 – please email Coach Michele about parking passes – there should be a limited number of passes available – otherwise parking inside the park is $10.00.

LEAGUE MEET #2 – Thursday Oct. 13th @ Lake Casitas

Channel League Meet #2 at Lake Casitas Recreation Area

PARENT VOLUNTEERS! We need the following – please let Coach Michele know if you can help in one of the following areas:

    • 3 – 4 parents to work the finish chute
    • 2-3 parents to time
    • 2-3 parents to help at results table

Bus time is 1:15 on Thursday
Meet Start time: 4:00 PM
Spectators: $10 per vehicle to enter Lake Casitas Recreation Area.
3.0 mile course

No vehicles will be allowed down to the course after 3:15 p.m. Vehicles parking down on the course will not be allowed to drive out until after the last race. Anyone planning to leave before the end of the last race should park at the upper campground. It is about a ten minute walk to the course from that point.

Busses staying the entire meet should pull all the way to the end of the road at the boat ramp and park in the large parking lot.

Start Times:
4:00 p.m.: Girls JV
4:40 p.m.: Boys JV
5:20 p.m.: Girls Varsity
5:50 p.m. Boys Varsity – sunset is 6:26 p.m.

If the weather is hot adjustments might be made to the race length and start time for the JV levels.

Athletes will be given a place card in the chute and will to go to the table with their school’s finish sheet to turn in their card and give their name (or finish sheet number) to the volunteer. If an athlete walks off without turning in their card they will not be in the results. Please have a person or two from your team standing by the chute area in case one of your runners is having difficulty and cannot get to the finish table. Your person can “sub” in for your runner and take their card to the finish table.

Each team’s result sheets will be copied and posted at the “shack” as soon as possible. The entire results for each race will be typed and emailed out to the teams after the meet is complete.

Please stay out of the lake. It is illegal to have body contact with the water in the lake.

Pancake Breakfast Money Due

Please remember to turn in your Pancake Breakfast money or unsold tickets tomorrow.  We will continue to take money up until Saturday, but we need to see how much money we have made so far – and purchase the batter & sausages.

Also please don’t forget to donate or volunteer if you can.  You can sign up here…  Donations/Volunteers   

If you have questions – email jfisc@pacbell.net

Thank you for supporting Buena Cross Country