Ventura County Championships – Sat Oct 19, 2019

County Championships Info:

Meet at Buena: 5:15 am                     Bus Time: 5:30 am                  Return to Buena: 12:00 pm

 Level              Time                Medals            Large School Team                 Small School Team Plaques

Frosh Boys       7:30 a.m.         1-60                 1st – 3rd                                                1st – 2nd

FS Girls            8:00 a.m.         1-60                 1st – 3rd                                                1st – 2nd

Varsity Girls     8:30 a.m.         1-70                 1st – 5th                                                1st – 3rd

Varsity Boys     8:55 a.m.         1-70                 1st – 5th                                                1st – 3rd

Soph Boys        9:20 a.m.         1-60                 1st – 3rd                                                1st – 2nd

JV Girls            9:50 a.m.         1-40                 1st – 3rd                                                1st – 2nd

JV Boys            10:25 a.m.       1-40                 1st – 3rd                                                1st – 2nd

Bring: water, healthy snacks, shoes, uniform, socks, sweats, sunscreen, more water/sports drink, $ if you wish to get a shirt

Additional Information:

  • Parking is $10 per car entering the park.
  • You may park at the entrance to Lake Casitas, but it is a 2-mile walk to the starting line. There is parking inside the park close to the start line, approximately ¼ mile. It maybe necessary for parents to park in the overflow lot inside the park. The overflow parking lot is close to a mile to the starting line.
  • You may go home with your parents, after the meet is over AND our team warm down and stretch. You need to check out with the coaches before you leave.

Next Race:

Friday Oct 25 @ Mt Sac Invitational BUS TIME: 6:30 am     Return to Buena: 5:00 pm

Race Times will posted on Monday Oct 21st

We are limited to a max of 10 athletes in the fresh, soph, jv races and 7 in the varsity

Twilight Invitational – 10/9/19

Lake Casitas Twilight Meet – Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Home of the Ventura County Championships


Project Time: 1:15 pm          Bus Time: 1:30 pm            Return to Buena : 6:30 pm


4:15:  Boys 1.9 course

4:35:  Girls 1.9 course

5:00:  Boys 3.00 course

5:30:  Girls 3.00 course

Gate to Coyote Ramp: closes at 3:15 pm and will reopen after the last race is completed. If you park beyond the gate plan to stay at the meet until the last race is finished.   It is a half mile walk from last parking area at the gate to the start line. 

Parking and Park fee

Please remind parents that there is a parking fee of $10 at the lake.   It is approx 2 miles from the park entrance to the start line for those who wish to walk/ run / bike into the park. 

T-shirts: Mile 26 will be selling shirts by the shed

Medals: tentatively to top 30 in each race

Team Awards: 3 mile race only, top 3 teams

Snack Bar: water / snacks

Course Flyover:

1.9 mile course

3.0 Mile course


Course Records:

Josh Spiker, Ventura:  14:53

Claudia Lane, Malibu:  16:19

Short Course Record Holders

Moses Bojorquez, Foothill Tech:  9:25

Madeline Locher, Ventura:  11:14


PVL #2

PVL # 2 @ Mission Oaks Park

Thurs Oct 3, 2019

Where: Mission Oaks Park (same place as Friendship Meet)

Project Time:  12:20 pm                                Bus Time: 12:45 pm                        Return to Buena: 6:00 pm

Race Times:        Girls JV 2:30 pm                Boys JV 3:10 pm                Girls Var 3:40 pm             Boys Var 4:10 pm

Woodbridge Invitational Friday Sept 20

On Friday some of our Bulldogs will be traveling to the Woodbridge Invitational at the Silver Lakes Sports Complex in Norco (unfortunately we have one bus for the boys and girls team – so we are limited on the number of athletes we can take to the meet)

Project Time: 10:45 am           Bus Time: 11:00 am           Return to Buena:  1:00 am

Link to meet schedule (we are division RED on Friday) :

Meet Website:



Wed 9/11/10  – FRIENDSHIP MEET @ Mission Oaks Park in Camarillo




Project Time: 12:45 pm      Bus Time: 1:00 pm        Return to Buena: 6:00 pm

Girls Race: 3:15 pm           Boys Race: 4:00 pm

Top 21 in each race medal.

Teams competing, Buena, Foothill Tech, Moorpark, and Rio Mesa