Westlake Track Meet Information

Feb 20, 2019


Where: Westlake High School- 101 Freeway South. Take the Tierra Rejada Exit and turn West. Follow the road around to the school on the right.

Project Time: 12:45 pm     Bus Time: 1:00 p.m.           Meet Time: 3:00 pm            Return:  9:00 pm

If you are not competing, you are expected to dress as if you are racing and take times / splits or help the coaches.

What to Bring: Uniform, Shoes- Training shoes and spikes, Sweatshirt / pants, Socks, Filled Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Healthy Snacks / Drinks, Sweatshirt, Sweats, cheering voice. There will be a snack bar available.


Order of Running Events:                                                           Order of Field Events:

Girls 4 x100                                                                                       Long Jump (2 pits – Girls / Boys)

Boys 4 x 100                                                                                     High Jump (Girls, Boys)

Girls 1600                                                                                          Triple Jump (2 pits – Girls / Boys)

Boys 1600                                                                                         Shot Put (Girls / Boys)

Girls 100H                                                                                         Discus (Boys / Girls)

Boys 110H

Girls 400

Boys 400

Girl 100

Boys 100

Girls 800

Boys 800

Boys 300H

Girls 300H

Girls 200

Boys 200

Girls 3200

Boys 3200

Girls 4 x400


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