4 Way  Meet

Teams: Buena, Moorpark, Rio Mesa,  Westlake,

When: Aug 31 2017

Race Schedule:           3:15 pm – Girls Race              3:45 pm – Boys Race

Where: Mission Park, Camarillo                  Bus Time: 1:30 pm

Parents: This is a fun race to come cheer your athlete on.  See your there!

Athletes: When we get to the meet we will make a plan on when and where to meet for warm up. If you are not racing, you are expected to dress as if you are racing and will be helping at finish line or taking mile time splits. After you race- everyone is expected to be out on the course cheering, directing runners, or helping somewhere. You are not to hang out at team site or socialize with your parents or friends that are watching the meet. We are here to compete as a team. This is includes before, during, and after the meet.

Pack your bag tonight, including your lunch, water, and other healthy snacks. Save the sodas, candy, etc for after the meet. If you need to buy food at school, do this during break.

What to Bring: Uniform, Shoes, Socks, Filled Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Healthy Snacks, Sweatshirt, Sweats, cheering voice.  We wear our team t-shirts, sweatshirts at all meets coming and going.

*Allow 40 – 45 min for your warm-up and 20 min for your cool down