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Central Park Invitational, Oct 1, 2016

Where: Huntington Beach Project Time: 4:50 am BUS TIME: 5:00 am Return: 3:00 PM

When we get to the meet we will be going over the course- so have your running shoes on when you get off the bus. Each group needs to make a plan on when and where to meet for warm up. If you are not racing, you are expected to dress as if you are racing and will be help taking mile time splits. After you race- everyone is expected to be out on the course cheering. (Loudly, of course, knowing everyone’s name, and positive encouraging words!)

What to Bring: Uniform, Shoes, Socks, Filled Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Healthy Snacks, Sweatshirt, Sweats, cheering voice  We wear our team t-shirts, warm ups, sweatshirts at all meets coming and going. Money for lunch, meet shirt, we will stop at In’n Out on the way home.

COURSE: 3 mile course with grass, dirt, asphalt, hills, and a loop around a lake. Spectators have an excellent view.

Race Schedule (Larger Schools)
Boys Varsity 8:30am
Girls Varsity 9:00am
Boys JV 9:30am
Girls JV 10:00am
Boys Fresh 10:30am
Girls Fresh 11:00am
Boys Soph 11:30am
Girls Soph 12:00 pm

AWARDS: Individual metals to the top 35 in each race. Team plaques 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each race. Top Male / Female awards

Meet Web Site: https://fvhscctnf.wordpress.com/fountain-valley-high-school-cross-country-track-field/cpi/


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