The Buena Bulldogs are looking forward to a great meet tomorrow starting @  3:00pm  – we hope to see lots of cheering fans in the stands.

We are planning to have drink and snack concessions available (Gatorade, chips, corn nuts, granola bars)…we are accepting any donations of these items or similar to help raise needed funds – and what we dont sell, we can save for our next meet(s). Also, parents who would like to volunteer and help with the meet – please see Michele Burns when you arrive.

Again, starting time is 3:00pm here are the order of events:


Channel League Order of Events       
Meet Start Time- 3:00 pm
Running EventsField Events
1Girls JV 400 Meter RelayLong Jump
2Boys JV 400 Meter RelayVarsity - Open pit, 30 min to complete jumps
3Girls Varsity 400 Meter RelayJV - follow varsity, open pit, 60 min to complete jumps
4Boys Varsity 400 Meter Relay
5Girls JV 1600 MetersTriple Jump- follows LJ
6Boys JV 1600 MetersOpen pit, JV and Varsity
7Girls Varsity 1600 Meters
8Boys Varsity 1600 MetersHigh Jump
9Girls JV 100 Meter High Hurdles (33")GV & GJV jump together. (Starting heights 4-6, 4-0)
10Girls Varsity 100 Meter High Hurdles (33")BV & BJV jump together. (Starting heights 5-4, 4-8)
11Boys JV 110 Meter Intermediate Hurdles (36")
12Boys Varsity 110 Meter High Hurdles (39")Shot Put
13Girls JV 400 MetersOrder: GV / GJV / BV / BJV
14Boys JV 400 Meters
15Girls Varsity 400 MetersDiscus
16Boys Varsity 400 MetersOrder: BV / BJV / GV / GJV
17Girls JV 100 Meters
18Boys JV 100 MetersPole Vault - 2:00 pm
19Girls Varsity 100 MetersGirls (Starting height 7-0 ft)
20Boys Varsity 100 MetersBoys (Starating height 4-10 ft)
21Girls JV 800 Meters
22Boys JV 800 Meters
23Girls Varsity 800 Meters
24Boys Varsity 800 Meters
25Girls JV 300 Meter Low Hurdles (30")
26Girls Varsity 300 Meter Low Hurdles (30")
27Boys JV 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles (36")
28Boys Varsity 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles (36")
29Girls JV 200 Meters
30Boys JV 200 Meters
31Girls Varsity 200 Meters
32Boys Varsity 200 Meters
33Girls JV 3200 Meters
34Boys JV 3200 Meters
35Girls Varsity 3200 Meters
36Boys Varsity 3200 Meters
37Girls JV 1600 Meter Relay
38Boys JV 1600 Meter Relay
39Girls Varsity 1600 Meter Relay
40Boys Varsity 1600 Meter Relay