Its the eve of our Seaside Meet and were really looking forward to it. The coaches wish to thank you in advance for all your support – from the encouragement you give your sons and daughters to your trackside help.

Below is a bit more on your volunteer help, but first a note about parking:

To help expedite the flow of traffic into the parking lot, you will be allowed in without paying in advance to park – however, the kiosk will be collecting the parking fees upon exit – so having exact change will go a long way to speed up our mad dash for the exit. REMINDER: Cars are $12.00 (meet flyer here with all details)

We manage to host a great meet every year, but there has never been a moment where another 10 people couldn’t have been put to work – and with 40 teams (including Buena) this year, its nothing like hosting a dual meet. We definitely could not do it without parent help. The more help we can have the easier it becomes for everyone – but more importantly it makes for a more memorable experience for our runners!  The volunteer sheet was not very specific on times so to clarify, here are the times we can use you:

  • Concessions & Memorabilia: 12:30-5:45 (appx)
  • Finish Chute: 2:00 (first race at 2:00 – first finishers appx 2:16-2:18)
  • Course Supervision & all other volunteer roles: 1:00-5:45 (appx)

IMPORTANT: Course  Supervision is a important role in athlete and spectator safety, so arriving at 1:00 or better is helpful to being effective in your role here. Learning the course route and understanding where spectators can safely view the race and where they may become a hazard is critical. Because this is a public venue, we will often see sightseers, bicyclist, and the usual mix of people walking and running/jogging the path alone, or with pets and kids. Some of them even oblivious to the huge race going on around them. Even as a spectator, don’t be afraid to kindly alert these people if you see someone not paying attention or in a spot that will cause athletes to have to correct course or break stride – for theirs and the kids safety.

Understandably, not everyone can arrive early or stay late – so again, any help you can provide will be gladly accepted.

IMG_1385There are still some spots left on the signup page here – so please add yourself if you have not done so already, or seek out one of the coaches when you arrive -and be ready to help out on the frontlines.

Finally – here is a sneak peek at the medals, plaques and commemorative t-shirt!

See you all at the beach – GO BULLDOGS!