2015 Bulldog “BLACK and BLUE” Invitational @ Buena High School

Hosted by the Buena High Track and Field coaches to give our athletes the opportunity to shake off the rust and get back into competition, for our new athletes and parents to experience a track and field (organized chaos), team bonding with the intra-squad competition, assess our athletes, and serve as a fundraiser.

We are asking for a $3 donation at the door.  In addition we will be selling Buena Spirit Clothing, snack items, and taco bar- approx. $8 per plate.

When: Friday Feb 27, 2015- First event 4:00 pm

Order of Track events: (Girls, then Boys)                                          Order of Field Events:

The “Bulldog can’t be stopped” 200 Hurdles                        The “Valley Ho” Long Jump: 3 jumps, Girls, then Boys

The “Burns Up The Track” 2000m run                                               The “Johnny Be Good”  High Jump- Girls, then Boys

The “Fountain “ 4 x 100 Relay- combined race                                  The “Corrie Can Do” Shot Put: 3 throws, Boys, then Girls

The “Pinkstaff You Better Get Over” 100H / 110H                          The”Ser-G-OOOOO” Discus: 3 throws Girls, then Boys

The 800m Sprint

The “Bulldog Train” 100 m

The “Stay on Your Feet” 400m

The BUENA 4 x 200m Relay- mixed teams

The “Toe Toe” 1600m

The “Who Let The Dogs Out” 4 x 400m Relay combined