Tomorrow, our Bulldogs will be competing in the Rosemead Invite, click the link to find information about the meet. Bus time is 1 pm. The race times have changed to 10 min later. First race is at 5:10 pm. It looks to be an exciting meet with 48 teams entered. On a mostly flat course. Here is the Rosemead Course Map

It will be warm tomorrow- at 5 pm it is still expected to be in the 90’s. Be sure to hydrate today, tonight, tomorrow, … Hydrating is essential and includes water, electrolyte sports drinks- such as Gatorade, FLUID, PowerAde, and foods such as watermelon and grapes. It is important to include these other drinks / foods on warm days to help replace the salts, minerals, that are flushed out due to increase sweating and increased water consumption.  At practice we talk about how do you know if you are hydrated by using the pee chart,dehydration-chart.

If you would like to read more about fluid replacement here is are a couple of articles