Here are the meet results PDF’s by age group:

Boys: JV
Girls: JV

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122Michelle MeugniotJV GIRLS9Buena High School24:27.0
214Adelaide FifeJV GIRLS10Buena High School24:33.0
313Marisol FernandezJV GIRLS12Buena High School25:18.0
496Katie JohnsonJV GIRLS11Westlake HS25:55.0
535Lauren TennisonJV GIRLS9Buena High School26:04.0
62Nathalie AguileraJV GIRLS9Buena High School26:05.0
780Clarice DouilleJV GIRLS12Westlake HS26:08.0
881Nina DunneJV GIRLS9Westlake HS26:11.0
927Melanie OzbournJV GIRLS10Buena High School26:15.0
10140Mucella YaglidereJV GIRLS10Westlake HS26:50.0
118Karli ChristensonJV GIRLS12Buena High School26:56.0
1221Ellyanna MartinezJV GIRLS9Buena High School27:00.0
139Lilly ChristensonJV GIRLS10Buena High School27:02.0
14135Esther WangJV GIRLS10Westlake HS27:26.0
1519Jessica LopezJV GIRLS10Buena High School27:30.0
16127Amanda SchatzJV GIRLS11Westlake HS27:52.0
17116Gentry PeeplesJV GIRLS9Westlake HS28:10.0
1882Morgan EvansJV GIRLS11Westlake HS28:17.0
1973Samira BellJV GIRLS10Westlake HS28:22.0
20124Lauren RuffingJV GIRLS10Westlake HS28:23.0
2179Lainey DirksenJV GIRLS9Westlake HS28:24.0
2285Haley FloydJV GIRLS9Westlake HS28:41.0
23118Jeanna PolisiniJV GIRLS9Westlake HS28:57.0
2470Jennifer AlvarezJV GIRLS9Westlake HS29:03.0
2599Jordyn KinsleyJV GIRLS9Westlake HS29:09.0
2678Isabella DakeJV GIRLS11Westlake HS29:15.0
2790Zoe HarrisonJV GIRLS11Westlake HS30:03.0
28114Montana PanecJV GIRLS10Westlake HS30:06.0
2997Katie JonesJV GIRLS10Westlake HS30:07.0
3015Grace FifeJV GIRLS9Buena High School30:09.0
3192Marissa HuangJV GIRLS9Westlake HS30:34.0
32131Karina SermenoJV GIRLS10Westlake HS30:52.0
3312Kayla FennernJV GIRLS9Buena High School31:04.0
34138Audrey WilliamsJV GIRLS9Westlake HS31:05.0
3595Shixi JinJV GIRLS9Westlake HS31:35.0
3610Deanna DucanJV GIRLS9Buena High School31:52.0
3776Kate CastilloJV GIRLS9Westlake HS32:02.0
3828Stephany PantojaJV GIRLS9Buena High School32:14.0
39108Sophie McLeanJV GIRLS9Westlake HS32:34.0
40123Lily RosenbergJV GIRLS10Westlake HS33:12.0
4171Isabella AmadorJV GIRLS9Westlake HS33:19.0
42117Fatima PeraltaJV GIRLS9Westlake HS33:54.0
4391Anelis HeimJV GIRLS9Westlake HS34:00.0
44137Lindsey WestJV GIRLS9Westlake HS34:11.0
45133Kirby SimpsonJV GIRLS10Westlake HS34:12.0
4672Katia AramiJV GIRLS9Westlake HS34:13.0
4777Danielle CortesJV GIRLS11Westlake HS34:21.0
4816Monica JimenezJV GIRLS9Buena High School34:29.0
4975Vanessa CasasJV GIRLS10Westlake HS34:32.0
501Natasha AJV GIRLS9Buena High School34:33.0
51125Kamryn RuizJV GIRLS10Westlake HS34:33.5
5217Susana JimenezJV GIRLS9Buena High School35:10.0
53110Ananya MuralidharanJV GIRLS10Westlake HS36:10.0
5436Alekzandra TorresJV GIRLS9Buena High School37:06.0
55104Madison MaplesJV GIRLS9Westlake HS38:28.0
56100Gigi KoonceJV GIRLS10Westlake HS40:15.0
57109Lowri MorleyJV GIRLS10Westlake HS41:34.0
5889Julie HamJV GIRLS9Westlake HS41:35.0
138Kellin AshelyJV BOYS9Buena High School19:37.0
2200Shiv ShankarJV BOYS10Westlake HS20:19.0
3160Joshua EisJV BOYS9Westlake HS20:21.0
4165Dag ForsbergJV BOYS11Westlake HS20:27.0
553Andrew JespersenJV BOYS11Buena High School20:31.0
663Lucas SchultzJV BOYS10Buena High School20:33.0
7147Andrew BurrJV BOYS9Westlake HS20:43.0
8178Kritin KarkareJV BOYS12Westlake HS20:52.0
967Eric WiseJV BOYS11Buena High School21:03.0
10173Caleb HarrisJV BOYS11Westlake HS21:11.0
11189Trevor OdellJV BOYS10Westlake HS21:16.0
12194Austin QuinnJV BOYS10Westlake HS21:26.0
1356Marquis MorenoJV BOYS10Buena High School21:29.0
14156Bryce de los ReyesJV BOYS10Westlake HS21:33.0
15203Michael StuartJV BOYS9Westlake HS21:35.0
1661Michael SanchezJV BOYS10Buena High School21:41.0
1744Cliff DanzaJV BOYS11Buena High School21:55.0
1845Luis DuranJV BOYS10Buena High School21:56.0
19174Boyan HuJV BOYS9Westlake HS22:11.0
20199Evan SchwartzJV BOYS11Westlake HS22:14.0
21152Daniel ChayJV BOYS10Westlake HS22:20.0
22168Nickolas GemberlingJV BOYS10Westlake HS22:25.0
23166Colby FriedlJV BOYS10Westlake HS22:28.0
2452Evan JalatyJV BOYS11Buena High School22:46.0
25179Caleb KimJV BOYS10Westlake HS22:50.0
26188Joshua NadigooJV BOYS10Westlake HS22:57.0
27182Wyatt McLeanJV BOYS10Westlake HS23:02.0
28154Joshua ConnerJV BOYS11Westlake HS23:08.0
2946Ethan FallsJV BOYS11Buena High School23:32.0
30205Vincent TorossianJV BOYS10Westlake HS23:48.0
31144Evan AssalleyJV BOYS12Westlake HS24:02.0
32151Thomas CatalanoJV BOYS10Westlake HS24:03.0
33202Jack StephensonJV BOYS9Westlake HS24:22.0
3442Anthony CaseyJV BOYS9Buena High School24:28.0
35195Josh RachelsJV BOYS9Westlake HS24:45.0
36153Layden ColeJV BOYS10Westlake HS25:20.0
37197Noah RiosJV BOYS9Westlake HS25:27.0
38180Jake KnappJV BOYS9Westlake HS25:50.0
39148Tanner CallJV BOYS9Westlake HS25:51.0
40170Manny GuzmanJV BOYS12Westlake HS26:17.0
4139Dawson BealJV BOYS9Buena High School26:44.0
42146Peter AyralJV BOYS10Westlake HS28:16.0
4362Nick SapJV BOYS9Buena High School29:41.0
44169Josue GutierrezJV BOYS10Westlake HS33:53.0
45193Evan PosnerJV BOYS9Westlake HS35:05.0
46190Jose OrellanaJV BOYS9Westlake HS42:56.0
154Kaleb KunesVARSITY BOYS12Buena High School17:38.0
255Christopher MeugniotVARSITY BOYS12Buena High School17:40.0
3157Jimmy De MelloVARSITY BOYS12Westlake HS17:46.0
465Marco TadeoVARSITY BOYS12Buena High School18:05.0
557Logan OttenVARSITY BOYS11Buena High School18:09.0
660Alex RamirezVARSITY BOYS12Buena High School18:21.0
7163Joseph FlattVARSITY BOYS10Westlake HS18:48.0
8171Morgan HainesVARSITY BOYS11Westlake HS18:50.0
9184Luis MexVARSITY BOYS11Westlake HS18:54.0
10149Luke CalubayanVARSITY BOYS10Westlake HS19:16.0
11201Matt SoulesVARSITY BOYS12Westlake HS19:52.0
12189Trevor OdellVARSITY BOYS10Westlake HS19:54.0
13206Timur VuralVARSITY BOYS12Westlake HS20:06.0
14192Graham PeeplesVARSITY BOYS11Westlake HS20:07.0
15187Thomas MorleyVARSITY BOYS11Westlake HS21:01.0
16Jalen BurnsVARSITY GIRLS10Buena High School20:55.0
229Kenna PerezVARSITY GIRLS12Buena High School21:46.0
326Jolee Nieberding-SwanbergVARSITY GIRLSBuena High School22:01.0
4121Karina RichmanVARSITY GIRLS10Westlake HS22:05.0
57Melanie CampbellVARSITY GIRLS12Buena High School22:36.0
6139Jordanna WittVARSITY GIRLS12Westlake HS22:40.0
73Summer Al-SalehVARSITY GIRLS12Buena High School23:01.0
8107Morgan McLaughlinVARSITY GIRLS11Westlake HS23:20.0
994Katrina JenkinsVARSITY GIRLS12Westlake HS23:26.0
1020Allie MarquezVARSITY GIRLS11Buena High School23:31.0
11132Maya SharpVARSITY GIRLS9Westlake HS23:51.0
12113Karla OrtegaVARSITY GIRLS9Westlake HS24:30.0
13106Madison McLaughlinVARSITY GIRLS10Westlake HS24:47.0
1488Hayley GuerreroVARSITY9Westlake HS24:58.0