Hi Bulldogs!

Seaside Invitational is on Friday Sept 5 at the Ventura State Beach. This is one of the biggest if not THE biggest xc meets held this weekend in the state. We have 40+ teams coming from all over the state to compete in one of the 8 grade level races. There will be thousands of athletes and spectators.

Also the Ventura Beach Party and Marathon will be taking place this weekend. Both of these events are big fundraisers for our team and require help.
I am still looking for someone or someones to help coordinate the snack bar on Friday. I have a parent of an athlete who graduated last year, who has volunteered to help with the snack bar. If you are interested please let me know asap

Here is a link to volunteer sign ups for Friday and Sunday. No experience is required and brothers / sisters / aunts / uncles / can help!